This week’s SheTalker …. Inspiring much? Ummmm hell yes!!! At Only 22 Talya Goding has had more than her share of tough times to say the least, but she is making her way through the other side with a massive smile on her dial and an outlook on life that is way wiser than her years.  SheTalked is such a gift, it has brought Lisa and I into contact with so many amazing women and we are so grateful to be sharing another amazing woman with you this week.  The inspiring Talya Goding is the owner of Made with love-cards and crafts, wife to her beautiful husband Russell and a million more things which you are about to find out about. Bec X

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1. Define yourself in 3 words.

Creative, helpful and resilient.

2. Tell us about your business in a few sentences:

I started my business in Feb 2011 when I was 19 and have loved seeing my business grow. I create unique and very detailed handmade invitations, cards and assorted party supplies. I have also launched the ‘made with love Santa key’ for the second Xmas running which is a massive hit!

3. What is the best thing about owning your own business:

Part of the reason I was motivated to start my business was the need for a creative outlet as I was experiencing some personal adversities. My business has given me a sense of self worth and accomplishment because so many people love my work. It really makes my day when talking to an absolute stranger and they mention my business in conversation  and say how much they love it.

4. If you could go back to the day it started and you could tell yourself one thing what would it be?

There are going to be people who will try and discourage you or tell you that you ‘won’t make it.’ Just don’t listen to the haters, stand behind your brand and your products and stand proud because you will prove them wrong!

5. What is the most helpful piece of advice anyone has given you?

Before my dad passed away in march 2012, he wrote each of his children a letter. In his letter he said to me “don’t be discouraged by those who don’t understand or have the same level of enthusiasm you have for your business or in things you believe in.  Don’t let them discourage you from following and fulfilling your dreams. Just know I am proud of you”.

6. What is one tip you would give for balancing your family/personal life with your work life?

Family will always come first, but it’s important to establish a routine or schedule to try and work without spending too much time away from your family. For me I work during the day while my husband is at work then I collect him from work, organise dinner and we will spend a few hours talking, watching tv or a movie or play board games.  We use this time as our wind down from the day and quality time together.  He usually goes to bed around 10/11pm and I continue working through the night until 2-4am.  I function on no sleep and a true night owl. But on the days he has off from work I limit the amount of work I do and  try not to work the entire day.

7. When I look back on my career I remember how hard I worked and how I never felt truly happy in in the corporate world. I remember always hearing people say you should do what makes you happy. I really love everything about my business and am proud that I am living my dream job!

8.When you are down in the dumps how do you get yourself back up?

I usually find if I am away too long from my business I get really down.  When I start doing my craft and creating again I always feel much happier in myself.

9. What couldn’t you live without?

Easily my husband and my business!

10. What is the quality you love most about your partner/husband?

He is the most supportive person you could ever find! We first met in 2009, one month before my first of many brain surgeries. Even though he hadn’t known me long he was there for the 3 months I was in hospital having intense surgery and treatment. Not once did he ever leave or want to walk away because it was too much. He has been there since the start of some horrible things medically and personally and every adversity just makes us stronger. His strength is so admiring. He truly is my rock and I don’t know if I would be where I am today without him. He has helped me through the brain surgeries, the battle and loss of my dad to bowel cancer, through endometriosis surgery, medically induced menopause and having my entire large bowel removed with a permanent ileostomy. Not once has he ever said this is too much and just continues to love and support me. When I decided to start my business he was so supportive and embraced this decision and commented on how much it changed my outlook on life and how much it has helped me to cope. He finishes my sentences and knows what I am thinking without saying anything. I am so lucky to have found him when I did as he has helped me with so much and I’ll forever be grateful.

11. What is one of the proudest moments of your life?

Would have to be my wedding day in 2010 I married the most amazing man ever and had my dad there with is. Some of my most cherished photos of my family and dad are from that day. A week later we found out he was terminal with cancer, so my wedding day was a quite cherished day.

12. What is one of the saddest moments of your life? And what helped you get through it?

Would be  watching my dad go through his battle with cancer and passing away at only 41.  He left behind his family of 8 children, a loved partner and 4 step children. It’s been so hard since he has passed as he was such a large part of my life and it hurts seeing how much his parents, siblings and his partner hurt.  It’s harder seeing my siblings (youngest is 11) I just hate that I can’t take their pain away. Everyone is hurting so much still :(.

13. Favorite quote? “If someone bursts your bubble, always mix up some more soap”

14. If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what age would it be?

I would have to say being back in school, life seemed so much simpler and I was surrounded by friends and I knew who I wanted to be in life. It was before I got sick,  but the downside would be I wouldn’t have met my husband yet. It’s a hard question.

15. Funniest moment?

Many years ago one of my brothers who was around 8 at the time use to sleep walk and talk (many funny conversations were heard) but this one particular night he decided to do the laundry in his sleep. He filled the washing machine up and turned it on and put the clothes in the dryer. We were sitting there in hysterics laughing, but grateful it wasn’t a chore we had to do that night.

16. What would you name the autobiography of your life?

This is something I have often thought about as I would like to write an autobiography on my life- I know I’m only 22 but have had more then my fair share of life experiences. I want to write it as I’ve always wanted to make a difference to someone’s life and if it’s through sharing my experiences and it helps someone then I would love to achieve that. The title would be ‘no matter what the sun will always come up tomorrow.

17. What was the last experience that made you a stronger person?

I have a rare inherited condition called familial adenamatous polyposis which is caused from a mutation of the APC gene and contributes to 1% of all bowel cancers. I was first diagnosed in 2010 and was told I had until I was 26-30 before my chance of cancer hitting, spreading and having my bowel removed. Last Xmas I was informed that my recent routine 6 monthly colonoscopy showed that the polyps and growth in my bowel had turned into the stage before cancer and was told I had 6 months before the growth had fully turned cancerous. So I was booked in and scheduled for a proctolectomy where my entire large bowel was  removed and a permanent ileostomy created in its place. The surgery was life saving as much as it was life changing. It’s been a massive adjustment but I can proudly say this surgery has given me my life back! It’s made me a stronger person and my marriage is stronger because of it.

I just wish that my dad’s had been diagnosed earlier. Was so hard going through this without him. After the surgery I was in hospital for 4 weeks and was such a dark time for me, this would be one of my all time lows. I was overcome with feelings of grief for my dad and I felt my life was over and wouldn’t be normal again. Looking back now I wish I could have been able to embrace and accept it when it all was happening, but I know that those feelings have made me stronger. On the positive side having the year at home to rest and work on my health meant that I’ve been able to push myself in my business and have reached some impressive milestones and things I only dreamed of happening!

Rebecca Paul is a Principal Counsellor at Eshé Counselling. She has been counselling for over 10 years and is passionate about helping individuals achieve the best LIFE possible. Rebecca specialises in all things “she” related including marriage and relationships and provides the space and expertise for women navigating through a variety of issues. You can see her website here or book an appointment by calling her on this number 0433 792 705


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